I'm Axel (アクセル)

Father of Peace.

Ask me anything.


Never Forget The Belgian.

#TFC .TeamForeign. Much Love.


So no one hits me up. Ok. I get it BAW, I’m awk.

Anonymous asked
hahah you're so hot i shoulda hooked up w u while you still lived in Louisiana

I’m not hot, what nonsense. Prob would of put a bag over my head? Ahaa, who’s this tho BAW.


Yung lean

Anonymous asked
How is Colorado?

I really hate when people ask me this, the grass is greener. And I have not done so much, but go to boulder and such, and go visit stores near my house, since that’s all they have, stores, like, all the stores you need, even the mall, if a zombie apocalypse would happen, I would be set, that’s how well it is. Other than that, I just want school to start, to hopefully make new friends, find pot, party, etc.

Belgium Jumet-> Louisiana Lafayette-> Colorado Greeley. What’s next?

Louis duffel bag filled with Heroin

Yung lean

Forrest Gump ; great movie.